REMEMBER: This form should be filled out BEFORE the action and given to your affinity group legal support person!

Downloadable form here:

Arrestee Support Form

Why should I fill out an Arrestee Support Form?

It is important to fill out an Arrestee Support Form to give to your affinity group legal support person so that they are able to know what your needs are and how to take care of you if/when you are arrested. It also helps you to think about the risks you will be taking and the plans you have—or need to make!—for dealing with the arrest/jail/court processes. Some things to think about include anything you will need to be taken care of while in jail, whether or not you will be participating in solidarity actions in jail or court, or any other issues you may have that may need to be addressed. Keep in mind that it may also be worth discussing relevant issues or risk factors with the other people in your affinity group before an action so that everyone is on the same page.

What information do I need to have on an Arrestee Support Form?

You should share as much of your info as you’re comfortable giving:

  • Legal full name and birth date (often used by jails to track people)
  • Arrest history (not just activism-related), if relevant;
  • The date you absolutely have to be done with the action/out of jail (if possible);
  • Any reasons why folks in your affinity group should watch your back while you’re in jail (you’re transgendered, a minor, a non-citizen, a person of color, on probation, have an outstanding warrant…);
  • Contact information of the people you will need to be called if you are arrested. Be sure to list when to contact them, for what, and under what circumstances (e.g. “If I haven’t been released by Friday, call my boss on Friday and let them know that I won’t be going to work on Saturday.”);
  • Any responsibilities you need covered if arrested: water your plants, feed your dog, etc.;
  • Any relevant medical info: allergies, prescription meds, and your doctor’s name and phone number;
  • Health concerns or other special needs (medical conditions, allergies, dietary considerations, etc.);
  • Your plans for taking care of your kids, if applicable;
  • Information about any vehicles (car or bike) on the scene, including a description, license plate number and insurance info if applicable, location of keys, and who can drive or pick it up;
  • Legal strategy plans, including need to bail out ASAP, plans to refuse to give your name or pay fines, plans to act in solidarity with affinity group or other arrestees, etc.; and
  • Whether or not you will be playing a support role during the action, such as legal or medic, and if so, which role.

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