Want updates from the RNC?

Coldsnap Legal Collective is proud to be part of a broad coalition of support for RNC arrestees. Check out the Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure (CRASS) at http://rncaftermath.org/ for information, arrestee/court updates, and to get involved!

About Coldsnap:

Coldsnap Legal Collective is a legal collective based in the Twin Cities. We are an autonomous collective whose purpose is to work in solidarity with other groups or individuals in order to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and SUPPORT the radical community by sharing knowledge, raising awareness, and developing a network of legal support and solidarity. Although we are currently focusing on preparations for the upcoming RNC, we are excited to be working in the long term to strengthen our community with legal support and resources.

We are involved in the following legal support work before, during, and after the RNC:

  • Educating the activist community and the public through trainings and the making and distribution of educational materials

  • Providing direct support for arrestees by operating a jail support and legal hotline and making sure that their immediate needs are met in the case of arrest

  • Setting up jail and court support

  • Organizing a legal street team to give ad hoc trainings, alert people of their rights on the ground, witness and document events and maintain communication between the office and the field

  • Alerting the public about legal issues, events, and the status of arrestees through corporate and independent media sources

  • Networking and communicating with local and national activist groups and communities, including other legal collectives and legal workers

  • Connecting activists with professional legal support and facilitating communication between these groups

We took our name from Operation Coldsnap, the largest police mobilization in Minnesota history on December 20, 1998, which was directed at activists who were occupying land at the Minnehaha Free State anti-road occupation to stop Highway 55 from being built. More than 600 officers swarmed the site at 4 a.m. on the coldest day of the year, barring media from the site and smashing observers’ cameras. They brutalized the non-violent activists, arrested 36 of them, and razed the houses, tipis, and sacred objects on the land.

By taking the name of this massive abuse of police power, we’re sending the message that never again will we be taken off guard. With every action and demonstration, we’re going to become more organized, more educated, more empowered. And we’ll never stop fighting for our rights!

For more about Minnehaha Free State and the police action:



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