We haven’t quite been at our radical legal support thing for a year and a half yet, but we’ve done some pretty cool things nonetheless. With all your help, we were able to provide a lot of legal support before, during, and after the RNC…from Know Your Rights trainings to running the jail support hotline to the jail vigil to helping get CRASS (Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure) up and running, we were there with you in the streets, courts, and radical meeting spaces.

To recap what we’ve been up to, we put together this nifty newsletter. Check it out!

Coldsnap Year 1.5 in Review Newsletter

We can’t continue to provide radical legal support to the Twin Cities without your help, so we need your help. Throw us a coupla bucks, come to one of our trainings, or–better yet–get involved! Our next open meeting is coming up this week:

Thursday, May 7, 7pm
Blue Nile Restaurant
2027 Franklin Ave E, Mpls

See ya there!