Hey hey, we’re having another great beginning to a month in April. Join us at our open meeting on Thursday and our Know Your Rights training on Saturday! And bring your friends!

Open meeting!

Thursday, April 2
Blue Nile Restaurant
2027 Franklin Ave. E., Mpls

Come learn about what we do and how to get involved. We have big plans for the rest of this year, and we need your help!

Know Your Rights training!

Saturday, April 4
Bedlam Theatre rehearsal space
1501 S. 6th St., Mpls

Do you know your rights? Know what to say when the cops stop you? We hope you just thought, “Nothing!” If so, way to go! If not, come to our training and learn about your rights. (Come even if you thought “Nothing!” It’ll be a good time.)

See y’all later on this week!