Hello lovelies! Coldsnap collective members have been busy with RNC support work since the RNC, but the new year is bringing wonderful new adventures for us. One of the first things you’ll see is our newsletter from 2008. The print version will be out soon!

Until that happens, we wanted to give you all a sneak preview of the awesomeness that is about to ensue. Here goes…

We Turned One!

January 2009 marks the one-year anniversary of the founding of the Coldsnap Legal Collective. Our mission statement, to “educate, empower and support the radical community by sharing knowledge, raising awareness, and developing a network of legal support and solidarity” remains the guiding focus of our work in the Twin Cities.

Our first year in existence provided us with ample opportunity to enact our vision of solidarity and empowerment. The arrival and subsequent fall-out from the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities has kept our small collective working in high gear to respond to the intense police violence and state repression that accompanied the Republican delegates to Minnesota. Both prior to and following the convention, Coldsnap has endeavored to remain proactive in our efforts towards community education and alliance-building through our Know Your Rights trainings, legal primer, jail support work, and close working relationships with a variety of local community justice organizations. We are particularly proud of our coalition efforts with the Community RNC Arrestee Support Network (CRASS), which is an arrestee-lead organization that provides legal, logistical, and political support to the 800+ RNC arrestees.

As we move into our second year, we are looking to expand our collective and enhance the work we accomplish. New collective members, input, donations, and volunteers are always welcome. More information about our efforts and future plans can be found in our first ever Coldsnap newsletter (coming soon!).