Over a hundred people were charged with felonies on Monday. Most of these folks were charged with Felony Conspiracy to Riot. Well, the “good” news is that cops give people felony charges all the time – when they beat you up. That way, the cops can say they acted in self-defense. It also makes it more likely you’ll plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for getting the felony dropped. This is good for the state, because if you plead guilty it makes it harder to sue the cops later for assaulting you.

So, if you have friends in jail from the RNC arrests who are charged with felonies, know that their bail may be higher in the short term, and they may be kept in jail longer. But many, many people engaged in this type of demonstration who are given this charge ultimately get it dropped. And we’re working to help everyone who got arrested during the RNC fight their chargesno matter what they are.

Keep an eye on this space for information on Court Solidarityan effective tactic for group legal defense. Also, there are two meetings set up for arrestees: One on Saturday, September 6th, at 11am at the RNC Convergence Center (627 Smith Ave. in St. Paul), and another on Sunday, September 14th, at 4pm at Walker Church (3104 16th Ave. S in Minneapolis).