Coldsnap Legal Collective will be doing two more volunteer trainings this weekend to learn how to volunteer with us for the RNC! If you missed the trainings last weekend, show up on Friday, August 29th or Sunday, August 31st at the RNC convergence space in St. Paul to find out everything you need to know about how to protect activists through legal support and solidarity!

Hope to see y’all there!

Friday, August 29 from 12-2 pm

Sunday, August 31 from 11am-12:30pm

Both trainings will be held at the RNC convergence space:

627 Smith in St. Paul (map).

For more information, keep reading:

Want to get involved during the RNC?

Are you planning to be on the streets — or not?

Want to develop important skills to take home after the protests are over?

Do more than just exercise your rights — PROTECT THEM for yourself and your community!


Coldsnap Legal Collective is working to protect our communities up to, during, and after the RNC.

You (yes, YOU!) can get involved by helping us:

  • Coordinate a street team of legal support activists

  • Answer phones for our 24-hour jail support hotline (651.356.8635)

  • Staff our legal support office

  • Facilitate arrestee solidarity as needed

That’s right, you can do any or all of this! You don’t need any special skills or experience. You just need some dedication and a willingness to help protect a few thousand of your closest friends. It’s fun, you’ll learn important organizing skills, and you’ll get to hang with some awesome people. Seriously, legal support folk are radtastic.

Trainings are free and open to everyone. All of our activities can be done in conjunction with your other protest activities, or you can dedicate all your protest energies to us. We’ll welcome you either way

Use of the Minneapolis Public Library System and Saint Paul Public Library System meeting facilities does not constitute endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies or affiliations of the user by the library board or staff.

To find out about future meetings, trainings, and other events and announcements, subscribe to our announcement listserv.

Here’s more info on our activities…


The street team will be made up of activists who are in the middle of the action and can keep an eye on what the cops are doing, so they can help protect people’s rights in the moment. Distinct from both legal observers and copwatchers, the street team will have a more interactive role of being trained to provide ad hoc legal rights trainings as needed on the street, serving as a vital part of the Coldsnap communications team, and witnessing and reporting police actions.

Good for: For those of you who were planning on being on the streets anyway, because all of this can be done while still participating in any demonstrations you would like to be a part of.


Our hotline will be available 24-hours a day before, during, and after the RNC. Protestors will be calling this hotline when they or people they know are arrested. We’ll take down their relevant info and facilitate getting them the support they need as they are processed through the system … turning their one phone call from jail into many. We’ll also need a ton of help to manage our jail support database, make phone calls on behalf of political prisoners, and coordinate our efforts with other support groups. We’ll be working closely with the National Lawyers Guild in our office to ensure people have access to good lawyers while they’re being held and when it comes time to fight the charges levied against them.

Good for: People with good phone skills who work well in a high excitement, high pressure environment, and/or people who are detail-oriented and good with big-picture stuff.


After activists are arrested, they often need people on the outside to put pressure on the jails and courts to ensure they are treated fairly, are not being abused, and are receiving the care they need. And they always need to know their communities support them! Coldsnap can help affinity groups learn their options for creating jail and court solidarity strategies, mobilize the community to call in to the jails to demand fair treatment, stage rallies outside the jails and courthouses, pack the courts during hearings, and bring media attention to the way political prisoners are being treated.

Good for: People with experience (or want to get experience) coordinating logistics, events, media, etc.