For those of you who are interested in getting more involved in, here’s some more information for you. As a collective, we are open to any sort of involvement that people are interested in. Basically, if you have skills, share them!

Here are some things you can get involved with to give you a few ideas:

  • Jail support hotline staff!

    • During the RNC and other large events, we will need a strong network of folks to help staff the phone hotline so that we can best serve those who have been arrested
  • Technology stuff

    • We are particularly looking for help developing a wiki page and a database or two, but are open to suggestions about other things that would make all of our lives easier and more effective
  • Training facilitators

    • Help out with our upcoming trainings–great for anyone who likes public speaking and engaging groups of people
  • Publicity crew

    • Coldsnap needs a logo, posters, flyers, etc. Let’s get our word out there!
  • Help with zines, training materials, handouts, etc.

    • Help us design, organize, and compile information in various formats to educate and empower our friends and communities!
  • Comic illustrator

    • We would like to put out a know-your-rights comic, but none of us can draw. Can you?
  • Media staff

    • Not all media is good media, so that’s why we need media spokespersons, press release writers, etc. for upcoming events and demonstrations
  • Legal research crew

    • Help us stay updated on local laws, ordinances, and specific regulations and changes for the RNC. Keep your ears to the ground (and your favorite independent media source)!
  • Jail support organizers

    • Help coordinate actions to support those who have been arrested
  • Legal observers

    • The National Lawyers Guild is coordinating legal observers and legal observer trainings for the RNC; contact Bruce from the NLG at nestor(a) to get involved

If you’re not from the Twin Cities area or would just like to find out how you can network with us, here are a few ideas as well:

  • Form a legal collective in your area

    • If you’re from out of town, you can help support your local community with legal rights information by starting your own legal collective. Need ideas? We can help you get started!
  • Be a legal support person for your affinity group

    • Learn how to do jail support for your own group, and network with us to form a strong web of jail support and solidarity for all activists

Send us an e-mail at coldsnap(a) if you want to get involved!